Woodstock West Newsletter #1

Greetings from Woodstock West: Build Not Burn!

Summer has passed and the leaves are starting to change here in Denver. We have spent these summer months busy at Woodstock West speaking with different individuals who played major roles in or around the University of Denver's tent village. Filmmaker Sheila E. Schroeder also had the opportunity to travel to both Montreal and San Francisco in an effort to interact with and learn from other independent filmmakers. While expanding her own filmmaking community, she began to think about expanding the Woodstock West community as well.

Here at Woodstock West, we've renamed the month of October 'PHOTOber'.Throughout PHOTOber we're posting a new photograph from the project everyday to our Facebook page. Many of these photographs have been submitted to the filmmakers from friends and fans who were there during the events of May 1970! Feel free to head over to our Facebook site daily and check out the new photos we are adding! Can you spot an old friend or acquaintance building a tent? Do you see yourself waiting in line at the makeshift kitchen for crackers or oatmeal? Can you add the caption that best describes what is happening in each photo? Best caption writer wins a Woodstock West: Build Not Burn 2012 calendar! We would also love for you to post your own photos from your days at Woodstock West and help us to not only build our photo library but build our community as well!

In addition to posting new photos each day, we've also created a 'friend'-raising campaign to help build both the Woodstock West community and build our knowledge of the peaceful protest. Throughout this month we encourage you to share our Facebook page and PHOTOber photographs with friends in an effort to reach 303 fans by October 31st! This stepping-stone signifies the Denver area code (303) and will help us to reach our goal of 1970 friends by Woodstock West's 42nd anniversary in May.

So, if you are not already a fan, head over to www.Facebook.com/WoodstockWest, 'like' our page, check out our photos and share our site with anyone you think may be interested in learning more about Woodstock West!

Have a great PHOTOber!

The Woodstock West team