Social Movements and Woodstock West

Woodstock West: Build Not Burn director/ producer, Sheila E. Schroeder has had a busy winter and spring talking to various groups about the film. In June, 2010 Sheila shared the Woodstock West story with summer school students at DU’s Women’s College. Professor Sue Tyburski invited Sheila to be a guest in her Social Movements course. Sheila gave a dynamic Powerpoint presentation that uses film clips, photos and audio sound bites to provide both context for Woodstock West and to take audiences back in time to DU circa 1970. One student in the class shared that she and Condoleezza Rice were classmates at St. Mary’s Academy and that “Condi” was her accompanist. Dr. Rice’s father, John Rice, was an influential mentor for many DU students involved in Woodstock West.