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I am the young girl sitting beneath the crosses ,in between two other people with my sunglasses on.

My soon-to-be-husband and I would repeatedly re-built our "tent" after the bulldozers cleared all away. We SO believed in a non violent demonstration to try to end the endless, senseless killings.We were so young back then...soo long ago and yet still very personal.

Eventually, the National Guard was called in. My boyfriend and I were in the front line, face to face with men we could hardly see. Gas masks on,shields and rifles. He gently hand-gestured "do you really want to be here ,too?" as he spoke..he was quickly grabbed and thrown into some sort of government bus with others,supposedly taken to the local jail. I ran, in such fear,as far away as i could get until I felt safe(by this time, the Guardsman broke their line and were chasing and macing the young demonstrators.


It turned out that the jails were too full and the rest,including, my boyfriend, were taken to the penitentiary far out of town.I found some willing friends with a pick -up truck to try and bail them out. Strange as it seems,and in my mind's eye, I remember a guard at the main gate.Telling him why I was there, he looked up at another guard high up in a sort of turret.Eventually, he let down a bucket with the key to the gate , by a rope.

We retrieved a truck-full and proceeded to take them home. I remember that they had been humiliated and strip searched.

As i look back on all the accounts that I have read and what I have remembered, i feel that we did play a vital role in helping to terminate the war.

Retired now at nearly 65, I was a therapist at the local V.A. hospital, doing group therapy with Viet Nam vets with P.T.S.D. I NEVER mentioned that I was a demonstrator-they despised my kind....