Newsletter No. 2

Woodstock West: Build Not Burn

Newsletter No. 2


Woodstock memories from Wayne Littrell

During November, filmmaker Sheila E. Schroeder had the opportunity to film and interview with retired University of Denver Head of Security, Wayne Littrell. During the four different sessions, Littrell recalled memories of Woodstock West, as well as the events leading to the peaceful protest during his nineteen-year stint at DU.In addition to prompting Littrell with questions regarding Woodstock West, Martin Luther King Jr.'s visit to campus and the student sit-in of 1968, Sheila utilized photographs and footage discovered during the research process to jog Littrell's memory. Sharing these with Littrell was great as he was able to explain what was happening in each photo or filmed situation-many in which he was clearly visible.

This experience was great not only because it furthers the film, but also spending time discussing Woodstock West with a campus authority figure added to our knowledge of the events that occurred in May 1970. Thank you to Wayne for taking the time to share his memories


Photober Wrap-up

Throughout the month of October, a new photograph taken during May 1970 on the University of Denver campus was added daily to our Facebook site. Though some of the photographs added during this 'Photober' campaign came from the DU archives, the majority of those posted during this time were from personal collections and submitted to filmmaker Sheila E. Schroeder from individuals who were present during Woodstock West.
Thanks to our Woodstock West friends, we were able to add forty new fans to the Facebook site and gained additional interest in the film's website. The 'Photober' campaign was also exciting because we were able to identify numerous individuals highlighted in the newly posted photos thanks to the friends who viewed the page each day. Although 'Photober' is over, we still encourage you to share our Facebook page and your interest in the film with friends and family who were present at Woodstock West in 1970. Additionally, we are able to expand our knowledge of these events every time a person is identified or a personal recollection is shared beneath each new photo post.
If you have not had the chance to check out the numerous Woodstock West photos on our Facebook site, head on over to and browse our photo gallery! Don't forget to become a fan of our page!


Road Trip to Boulder!

As September was winding down, Sheila and her crew jumped in the car and headed up to Boulder to spend a day with Wyndham Hannaway of GW Hannaway & Associates. Hannaway is known throughout the filmmaking community as a consultant for all things film, digital and beyond. Upon entering his studio, the crew realized that Hannaway's workshop is not just for digitizing, color correcting and editing-instead it emulates a museum highlighting the filmmaking evolution from the last several decades. Among his collection were old cameras no longer in use, a water-damaged camera that was used during the filming of the Academy Award winning documentary, The Cove and one that recently summited Mt. Everest! Hannaway also shared equipment used during the special effects process of one of the Star Trek films.

After sharing his treasures, Hannaway took a look at some of the Woodstock West 16mm footage. He addressed issues such as color correcting and sound recordings from the footage and explained the various options for transferring film to digital- a process which Schroeder will take to enable editing the older Woodstock West footage with the new digitally recorded footage for Woodstock West: Build Not Burn. Overall, the visit with Hannaway was very enjoyable, informative and inspiring.
Note: We are currently searching for a 16mm projector that reads magnetic audio; let us know if you have access to this type of equipment.


Sheila's Travels

Sheila spent her summer and fall presenting the Woodstock West project to various alumni, retiree and DU associations. One presentation in particular took Sheila all the way to Irvine, California.
In November, Sheila was invited to present to DU's Southern California Alumni Association as a part of the Lifelong Learning series. Integrated into her talk about making the film, the group engaged in a lively discussion. Sheila shares: "Although Woodstock West, a complex protest against the escalation of the Vietnam War and the murders at Kent State happened 42 years ago, the connections we made as a group to the Occupy Wall Street movement made for some lively conversation. What was most impressive about this group of Alumni was the civility and respectful nature of this learning experience. I'd like to think this was carry over from their days on campus."
Experiences like these are valuable for a filmmaker because they not only allow her to make more connections and hear individual memories pertinent to her film, they also allow her to see how the film will be received and discussed. The modern day interest in the topic and activism in general solidifies the desire to create a film on a significant activist event like Woodstock West.
If you would like to invite Sheila to your campus or civic group to discuss the upcoming film, please contact her directly at


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Happy Holidays!

The Woodstock West Team