Film presentation attracts crowd at Alumni Symposium

DU's annual Alumni Symposium attracted over 300 people to its annual two-day event. Filmmaker Sheila E. Schroeder was one of the highlighted faculty presenters as her seminar, "Woodstock West: The Making of a Documentary Film" drew over 20 people. Several audience members had either been on campus during 1970 or around that era. Their firsthand accounts made for lively discussion.

Over 20 people attended the Alumni Symposium session featuring Dr. Sheila E. Schroeder from the Media, Film & Journalism Studies Department. Her topic was, "Woodstock West: The Making of a Documentary Film."

One audience member noted that DU had a tradition of "Spring Riots" that carried a more mischievous tone than that of a real riot. Students would do things like pour bubbles in the campus fountains or stage a sit down on the Valley Highway (now known as Interstate 25). Audience members seemed to think this behavior was a kind of spring fever release for the students. This was new information for the filmmaking team and begs the question: Did the Spring Riots provide a structure of sorts that encouraged a kind of coming together of the student body thus making the encampment of Woodstock West less threatening to those students who generally eschewed political involvement?

Another audience member was off campus in the spring doing her student teaching in Denver, but her high school students would report to her about what was happening back at DU. She was concerned that a school closure or shut down would threaten her graduation.

The crowd appreciated a short trailer the filmmakers created to show small gatherings like this. The team is hard at work on a trailer for the general public so stay tuned.

Sheila would like to thank the Alumni Office and all those who came to the presentation.